HO Scale Modeling

Harold Emerick Collection

Robert Krol Collection

Mike Ferguson Collection

Pat Durand Collection

Jeff DeBroeck

Steve Booth 

Steve Katkus' collection
VinZant's hoppers
Pirie's layout
Garner's 751/752
Curtis' GP49 #2809
Curtis' collection
McCrea's 2400s
McCrea's steam locomotives
McCrea's SD-40s and 45s
McCrea's Big Blow Turbine
McCrea's Private Railcar
Stacy Chandler's layout
Peter Parker's layout
Rittenhouse's shelf layout
Weidmer's Dash 8
Caley's locomotives
Dennis' ARR layout
Lee's Russell plow
Wintermeier's Denali Star
Thompson's freight containers
Thompson's SW-1 #1203
Thompson's Snow River Bridge
Thompson's other roadnames
Tanana Valley Model Railroad Club
Sørby's #1500 from Runaway Train
Stehli's locomotives
Scesny's Princess car
Aubert's MRS1 #1718
Tren's SD70MAC #4321
Novak's #3014
Rosa's Runaway Train GP40
Kondratenko's HO shelf layout
Thompson's TNM hopper
Farley's layout
Casey Durand's Wilderness Express
Snyder's HO scale layout
Farley's 4002 to 4322
Farley's MP15 #1551
Farley's GP40 #3010
Wendlandt's GP38-2 #2002
Wendlandt's containers
Wendlandt's quad hoppers
Moss' HO shed layout

van Hulst's models
Wendlandt's coach #201
Wendlandt's diner #400
Wendlandt's dome #501
Wendlandt's GP40s 3001 & 3006
Gerenday's #1504
VinZant's Trailers
Wendlandt's 188xx flat cars
Wendlandt's TNM hoppers
Wendlandt's 187xx flat cars
Wendlandt's containers #2
Wendlandt's 16xxx hoppers
Wendlandt's K&W containers
Wendlandt's 65-foot gondola
Williams ARR in SoCal
Jürg Rüedi's Dioraa
VinZant's Kenai Fjords Tours dome

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Our Latest Addition

Latest addition to the creation's page
Durand's MRS #1603

Chase's #3008 painting
Chase's 2007 ARRC painting
Computer Art
Weidmer's F59PHI design
Weidmer's BLS 465 design

Thompson's 1999 Calendar
Thompson's 2000 Calendar
Thompson's 2001 Calendar
Thompson's 2002 Calendar
Thompson's 2004 Calendar
Thompson's 2005 Calendar.

Combs' "The Alaska Railroad"

Custom license plates

Marty Bernard's baggage cart

Chris Holder's Grandfather clock

Liam's onesie




O Scale Modeling
Vince Arizzi 
  • K-Line Alco
  • 1615 Lionel 0-4-0
  • GP-9

  • Robert Krol 
  • Alco #1001
  • MP15 #1554
  • Caboose #1087
  • F7 #1512 in bicentennial paint
  • GP7 #1805
  • F7 #1524
  • Hiller's layout
    Aubert's MRS1 #1818

    Z Scale Modeling
    Loth's layout

    N Scale Modeling

    Koole's Palmer diagram
    Mejia's modular layout
    Schulz's bicentennial #1510
    West's layout
    Czulada's Denali Star
    Weeden's Fairbanks Coal Bunker
    Spencer's Russell plow
    Weeden's cement hopper
    Weeden's old gondola
    Weeden's hoppers
    Koole's hopper
    Koole's Halliburton car
    Weeden's locomotive fleet
    AdPeter's N-Scale Layout
    Weeden's SeaLand flat cars
    Koole's connaboose
    Koole's Duffismaximus 1
    Weeden's Halliburton cars
    Vukovich's N-scale models
    Koole's troop boxcar
    Koole's F59phi #3205

    G Scale Modeling

    Andereggen's garden layout
    Ney's garden layout

    1.5/1.7/1.8 Scale Modeling

    Durand's F7 #1500
    Klingbeil's SD70MACs
    Katkus' RDC-3 #701
    McClure's GP40 #3015
    Klingbeil's tank

    Lego Scale Modeling

    VinZant's GP38


    Kurzendoerfer's quilt


    Bowser F7 #1506

    Send in photos of your creations and have them added to the gallery

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