Jack's MACs

To create EMD's SD70MACs takes an army of designers, engineers, machinists and mechanics. So it really amazes me when one individual has the skills to create a 1.7 scale version of the real thing. The construction hours Jack Klingbeil has in these beauties is staggering, but the reward of running them "at the track" far exceeds the perspiration generated.

December 2001
(SD70MAC 4002)

Installing the coupler pockets and
couplers to the frame
Center Journal and wheels
Installing the Engine on the Frame
Installing the steps Making the center section roof  

  February 2002
(SD70MAC 4002)

View looking down the roof Rear right side under construction Right side view with body completed


April 2002
(SD70MAC 4002)

Some paint applied to the body  


August 2002
(SD70MAC 4002)

Testing different vent ideas Putting in the headlights Making sure the body mates
with the cab
Adding the detail to the rear Everything fits! Hooray!  


February 2003
(SD70MAC 4002)

Putting the finishing touches Headlights work and the ditch lights are working Putting the decals on
Looking down roof line from rear to front (see prototype photo) Right side behind the cab door (see prototype photo)  


June 2003
(SD70MAC 4002 and 4008)
At the Live Steamers track: Their first trip out!

4002 & 4008 at Portage 4002 at Furrow Creek
Installing the gauges and the 
controls on #4008
4002 at Seward, a side shot with the replica of the old water tower formerly on the Loop District

Here are two videos of Jack's MACs running down the rails: