Art Chase's 2007 Alaska Railroad Print


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It is truly incredible when an artist can take up a canvas and create an image that truly evokes emotion. For us Alaska Railroad railfans, Art's 2007 Alaska Railroad print gives us magnificent depth for both the power and tradition of the railroad. One can almost hear the haunting sound of the far-off whistle of the steam locomotive while also feeling the vibrating rumble of the 4,000 h.p. diesel engine.

Initially, Art provided the corporate office with a sketch of his concept for the poster. After getting the go ahead from the corporate office, he found he needed to cram three months of painting into three weeks. After working eight hours at his day job, Art invested another ten on his artwork. Doing this for 21 straight days found him"talking to myself...and I kept losing the argument!"

When asked how he first learned to draw he replied, "When I was a wee boy, I had a first grade teacher, Mrs. Neilson, who would use this 18 inch ruler across my knuckles if I drew stick people...well it didn't take a country boy like me very long to learn how to draw....and I owe it all to that ruler. In my mind I can still see her over my shoulder! She actually became a good friend over the years and when I left home, she was still living down the road from my parents."

Congratulations Art for an incredible lifetime achievement!

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