Wendlandt's Coach #201

With the new release of the Walthers coach painted in the 1999 scheme I decided to add some details and weather it up a little. I completely disassembled the car to make it easier to weather and add people. While disassembled I switched out the stock knuckle couplers with Kadee #58's. Add the correct decals to the sides first. I then weathered the wheels and trucks. For the wheels I used rust and dirt to get them to the right color. For the trucks and the under frame I used a light coat of dirt to show some usage. For the roof I used a light coat white and dirt to fade it. I removed the windows and used a very light coat of dirt on the side of the car and then sprayed semi gloss to seal it. I then reinstalled the windows and used Microscale Kristal Klear to hold them in place. I then used Preiser seated passengers to add a little something extra to the interior. To glue them in place I used thick ACC glue. Reassemble the car to the point of putting the roof on. I then used .040" x .250" strip styrene to add some window shades. Glue them to the tan upper support above the window with the Kristal Klear. When dried reinstall the roof.


*Paint- I used Pollyscale but will be switching over to True Color when I run out.

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