Bernard Aubert's MRS1 #1818


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This is a model of the 1718 or 1818 as it was numbered when it visited Europe.   Our locomotive at the Transportation Museum is the grandfather of European Diesel Electric development.  Its first generation descendants were the NOHAB double enders found all over the continent.  -- Pat Durand

"My loc is all plastic made, except the frame and the wheels which are in aluminum. Axles are in steel. The motor is a five poles, and the six axles are motorized. There is light in each end, lighting with the running direction. It is in the French livery (black,the same that in US ARMY TRANSPORTATION CORPS.) You can see also, a photo of  #1818 in reality. This photo is in the station of my town of birthday: CAVIGNAC, on the french railway line BORDEAUX/NANTES, in 1953.

"After testing in France by SNCF,#1718/1818 MRS 1 EMD gives birth to a series of twenty locomotives like the one in the fourth photo (#1818's daughter). They were Diesel-Electric loks, with a power of 1800cv, max speed 130km/h. Based in La ROCHELLE SNCF 'deposit' of locomotives, on railway line BORDEAUX/NANTES. They went into service in 1956. This is a model built by myself in '0' scale. There are two five poles motor, the six axles are motorized. Frame and wheels in aluminium, body in plastic." -- Bernard Aubert