Jeff DeBroeck's GP40 #3010

Number 3010 was a little trickier [than the GP49 #2801 I built.] This could be done with a GP-40-2 the following procedure would be essentialy the same except you would have to add a cannon and company 88" nose. I used a SD-40-2 shell I had lying around to provide a long platform at the rear that was seamless and this gave me an 88" nose. Remove the last radiator fan and cut off the very end of the carbody and use another carbody to supply the body extension, doors and radiator grille. Cut to length and add to existing. Laminated styrene to the end of carbody, remove and file to the four sided shape on the prototype instead of the existing pionted end and attach. Install two 28" first generation cooling fans at the end of the carbody on top where the 48" fan was. Build a new pilot sheet completely flat across back and make ladders out of caboose ladder stock. The generator specific details on the roof are as follows, the upper radiator tanks are mounted one on each side of the last fan, at the rear there is a balance pipe between the two tanks. Centered at the rear is the engine exaust flapper and on each side of it are the sand filler hatches. These locomotives have went through quite a metamorphises since their inception. When they wre originally built they were equiped with an air inlet grille on the firemans side to allow cooling air to the generator. Sometime before I hired on, that louvere set was removed. When they wre sent outside for their overhaul and painting, a louvere was added, one to each of the last carbody doors on each side about midway up.

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