Peter Parker's layout

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Peter Parker (aka Spidey) from Eagle River, Alaska is diligently working away on his Alaska Railroad layout. He just ran off the decals for the loco and put the dull coat on the two locos last night. Unfortunately, he recently blew the DCC board in the f40. Incidentally, the blue building in the background is the Usibelli Coal Tipple.

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"The tipple I created just from the photos and video from your site, just a guesstimate. It was made out of balsa wood. My buddy found plans for the depot (before the wing extensions) so that was easier to build. Hardwood core with balsa wood exterior. I haven't done much else but lay the track for the rest of the it. Once I get photos for the Seward coal facility, I can build that (hopefully this winter)."

[1/23/08] Just thought I would send a long a photo of my latest project “Sprit of Sitka”. I figure since I was born there what the heck. This one turn out much better than my last two. I started with an undecorated Kato N scale SD70MAC and painted (polly scale) using CNW Yellow and CSX Blue. The big difference from the last two locos I did is I started with a white base coat (Reefer White). The colors came closer to the proto this time. I finished up with decals I printed on my ink jet and sprayed a heavy layer of clear gloss. Took about three weekends.

I also redecorated a couple 40’ reefers using Lynden logos. I erased the logos that were there, reapplied these and used a gloss coat to finish.

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