Jeff DeBroeck's GP49 #2801

Jeff DeBroeck says, "The model was built about 10 years ago. It started with an Athearn GP-50 and went all downhill from there. The cab is a Cannon and company cab built to speck, I cannot remember who manufactured the interior kit (is that a sign of old age?). The Q-fans above the radiators are PIA kits, weatherization hatch and angled traction motor blower duct from Miniatures by Eric from Canada. The plow is my own custom creation which I had lost wax brass castings made from and have since given many of them away. The ladders at the plow are Athearn caboose roof ladders cut up.The rest is generic Details West and Details Associates parts. Oh, almost forgot the snow hoods and deflectors are scratch built.The only real major surgery required is the removal of the three cooling fans, the old blower duct and the entire front pilot."

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