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I thought you would like to see some of my creations. Attached are three Hooper cars I lettered for the ARR. Below is the data for these cars.
Road #
Model Type
Stock #
5951 Covered hopper Athearn ATHG4283 Genesis Trinity 10-Panel (Former NRLX) Gray
6018 Covered hopper Athearn ATHG4284 Genesis Trinity 10-Panel (Former NRLX) Gray
6047 Covered hopper Accurail 2096 ACF 3-Bay (Data only) Gray

I still have to shoot them with dull coat to take the shine of the decals, though the flash from my camera highlights that more then it really is. I removed the NRLX ink from the Athearn cars by scraping, then wiping the area with alcohol. It was easier then I thought and any scuffing of the base coat was covered by the ARR decal. The Accurail car was much easier. I just had to add the decals. The job was so easy in fact that I have already ordered two more Accurail cars.