Stacy Chandler's HO Scale Layout

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Stacy Chandler from Taumarunui, New Zealand says of his layout, "I'm starting to progress now...summer is starting to cool off and I'm starting to be able to get back into the layout. I worked out that I can run a train on this layout (from bottom, to top and back via return loop) for just
on 100 metres-about a 100 yards. The longest train I have run so far is 35 cars long and I had to break it up to get around the return loop at the top. The return loop fitted 28 cars. My longest sidings will fit 35 cars - three sidings on bottom level, and should be three on top level also when completed. I have just switced to DCC (digital command control), and it goes well. The AC current is so smooth.

I'm not having too much problems getting Alaska Railroad gear. Most of what I have I bought off one man second hand, and there was boxes of it!!! I have also bought plenty brand new and have plenty of decals...