Randy Thompson's Alaska Freight Containers

Northland Northland Cominco

These familiar Alaska containers started as A-Line undecorated 20' containers. Part 116-25500 for 2 logo side panels or part 116-25520 for the corrugated sided containers.

Retail $7.95 for two - the best HO scale container value I could find, great price and superb detail!

For the orange Cominco containers I used Floquil reefer orange spray paint. The Northland containers were painted in either Floquil reefer yellow,
boxcar red or tuscan.

I used my new Roundhouse Hobbies decal sets 14A for Cominco and 14E for Northland.

I painted the door opening bars silver before installation. Now all they need are a coat of dust and some rust weathering.