Jason Vukovich's N-scale Models

I’ve been following the website for a few years and I just wanted to send a quick note with some pictures of things I’ve been working on.  I’m also the artist for the 2016 Alaska Railroad Print which comes out in the next week or so.   I saw the press release on the site and laughed at seeing my name there.
I am an N scale modeler and also  dabble in HOn3.  Currently I am working on a fictional HOn3 Southwest/Colorado layout, really simple shelf loop and above it I am building an N scale ARR layout of the route from the Whittier Tunnel to Anchorage.  Attached are some photos of some of my N scale equipment posed on the bare foam bench work that currently is comprises the scenery on my layout.  Sorry for the quality, I need to pull out the tripod next time.
Photo 898 is my build of the Connaboose, made easy with a 3D printed container on a Microtrains flat, all detailed and lettered to match the prototype I see about every day at ASG here in Anchorage.  I did goof, the doors on each end are silver not yellow as I painted them.
Photo 902 is my Kato F40PH converted to ARR 32 with roof fans blanked off and winterization hatch added.  This unit is in need of light weathering and has a sound decoder installed.  I t operates in push-pull service with a dummy GP40, #3012 on my Glacier Discovery train.
Photo 910 is my dummy GP40-2 3012, an Atlas shell and fuel tank with Kato trucks all done up in the Baby Mac scheme, it is also in need of weathering. After painting a GP38, GP40-2, F40PH/Cab Car, and 7 SD70MACs in ARR’s current scheme I can safely say applying pinstripe decals in N scale has lost its glamor.
Photo 916 is a Celebrity Cruise Wilderness Express Ultradome.  This is a 3D printed shell and floor with custom decals now available online & on ebay from circusdecals.com, riding Microtrains trucks.  I built three of these for my HEX and Denali Stars trains and now I’m working on an ARR Ultradome and single level full dome.
Photo 923 is my kitbashed ARR Jordan Spreader 9.  I found an inexpensive resin kit on ebay and worked it into a more prototypical spreader.  With my only other option being a brass model for several hundred dollars, my $15 investment will suffice for a spreader/plow sitting  on a MOW siding in Portage on my layout.
Finally a quick fun snap of my “heritage lineup”, this trio of all the current ARR locomotive paint schemes hauls mixed freights to the Whittier barge and back to Anchorage on my layout.

Runaway Train