Robert Krol's GP7 #1805

1804 and 1805
Here's what I have been working on for the past few weeks. It is a Lionel GP 7/9 B unit. I numbered it 1805. The ARR's real 1805 went down an embankment with the 3008 and a Jordan Spreader. The ARR scrapped the 1805. I remember seeing the 1805 with a crunched cab, so I built a cabless 1805. It has a Lionel LCRX Board for TMCC and a Railsounds 2.5 board in it for sound. It also has electrocouplers and directional lighting. I'll run this motorless B unit for extra railsounds. In the other photo it is coupled to the 1804. I made that over a year ago. It is powered and has Lionel TMCC and Railsounds.

I'm not quite done with the 1805. I need a wiring harness to go from the LCRX board to the Railsounds board. When I get that all done, I'll probably add chains to the open handrails so there isn't a gap in the handrails.