Peter Pirie's layout

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Well, it isn't the Alaska Railroad, but Peter Pirie designed his layout based on the plans I used to build my old one.

Peter says, "My layout is coming along slowly. I finally got the entire track down in February 2006 after starting this marathon on November 05. My wife has taken up the gauntlet of the scenery and buildings she wants and leaves the trains to me. She wanted a station in the layout so I told her she can control the passenger trains I have bought for her, and I will do the freight.

"I have attached a couple of pictures for your approval. I still have a lot to do as far as the wiring is concerned. I have all the power in place and have had trains running using DC. I have all the switches wired back to a central point but still have the main control box to make and wire yet. I have plumped for the Digitrax system of DCC. Not in too much of a rush for that yet though as I still have a lot of work to do."

Peter Pirie
Aberdeenshire, Scotland