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On this page you will find a collection of interesting, non fictional stories about the Alaska Railroad. Copyrights to these stories belong to their authors. Feel free to email me any stories you would like to share. Enjoy!

Trip Reports

Jerry Hardy's 1998 Alaska Rail Adventure

Jan Wertz's 1998 Alaska Rail Adventure

Rich Stoler's Trip Report (excerpt)

Fred Stout's Trip Report

Stephen Sheldon's NRHS Trip

John Bienkiewicz's Trip Report

John Combs' 2000 Trip Journal

John Combs' 2002 Trip Journal

John Combs' 2004 Trip Journal

John Combs' 2005 Trip Journal

John Combs' 2006 Trip Journal

John Combs' 2008 Trip Journal

John Combs' 2009 Trip Journal

John Combs' 2010 Trip Journal

John Combs' 2012 Trip Journal

ARRJohn Combs' 2014 Trip Journal

ARRJohn Combs' 2017 Trip Journal

Photo Journal: Fairbanks to Colorado

Tom Smith 's 1970 Alaska Rail Adventure

Wayland Ferreira's Denali Star photo journal

Tom Smith 's 2003 Alaska Rail Adventure

Pat Durand 's Trip to the Railroad Bone Yard

Spirit of North Pole Dinner 2003

Matt Leistico's Denali Star Trip Report

Matt Leistico's Glacier Discovery Trip Report

Mark Earnest's Glacier Discovery Trip Report

Walter Zullig's Exploring the Last Frontier By Train & Ship

Jason Kuehn's visit to Zurich

Paul Duncan 's 2006 Trip Report

Paul Duncan 's 2011 Trip Report

The Alaska Railroad Easter Train

Matt Leistico's ARR Open House 2007 Report

The Alaska Railroad Holiday Train

Fall Colors, Blue and Gold

Ted Smith-Peterson's Trip Report

William Root's Trip Report

James Ogden's Trip Report

ARRC 2014 Open House

A Tale of 7 Trains

Winter Hurricane Turn

Terry Douglas's Trip Report


Frank Dewey's Gravel Train Operation

The Tug Captain

The Rail Grinder

A Day in the Life of a Baggage Handler

Whittier Terminal Manager for Alaska West Express

A Day in the Life of a Tour Guide

How to Become a Tour Guide

A Tour Guide's Most Funny or Embarrassing Moments

Hired as an Alaska Railroad Brakeman

Rail Grinder Overhaul Technician


Shane Stoddard Pursuing a Job with the ARR

Tony Roof's Yard Visit

EMD London HEP Man


Riding the "Moose Gooser"

The Hard Working Conductor

The Origins of Switchers 1553 and 1554

Nights Aboard the Aurora-Express

The Midnight Sun

The Last Accommodation

The Bikers

Veteran of the TM&P working on the ARR

The Curry Hotel

Portrait of a Railroader

The Train Guard

Parlor Car on the Alaska Railroad

The Special Survey

The Wreck of the 801

Healy Roundhouse Fire

A Denali Size Rock

Freight Train Wreck at Houston

Rotary Rescue

Writing Journal: Memories of Carl Freshour

Working for the Alaska Railroad (Mike Kopcha)

Excerpts from Charlie Rainwater's Memoirs

Charlie Rainwater's Memoirs: Hurricane Gulch Bridge

"Wild" Bill Stewart

The Bum

Otis Harrington

The Missing FRED

Railroad Accidents

Bill Stewart, Three Decades in Engine Service

Pages from the Past: On To Honolulu

Snow Fleet

Remembering Curry

Railroad Brats

Life at 20 Mile

A Tale of Two Baldwins and Me!

The Alaska Railroad, Summer 1968

The Legend of the Dirt Mercs

The Number Board Panel

Ritchie's Favorite Railroad Memories

1977 Skookum Creek Washout


Moose and the Alaska Railroad

The Lucky Moose

A Moose Sighting

The Gas Car

Airborne Moose Sighting


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