Rotary Rescue

by Don Prince
Don Prince

We were on a south freight going to Seward in March 1969.  They had a big heavy snow.  We got onto a hill south of Tunnel, and it got to the point that the deep snow kept us from going any further.  We talked to the dispatcher to determine what we should do, and he said to back the train down the hill.  Well, we couldn't back down because so much snow had fallen in between the cars and wheels.  We were stranded.  They called the rotary snowplow out, and it cleaned the line  behind us.  They had another work train and it got a hold of our caboose and took ten cars at a time and set them out at Spencer.  They'd come back and get ten more and kept doing this until they got us off.  We were relieved and the other crew took over.

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