0. Prologue 7. A Great Day to be a Railfan
1. It May be Fast, But It's Not Friendly 8. The Living and the Dead
2. A Rich Full Day 9. TOTE and Blaze
3. Planes, Trains and Automobiles 10. Next Time I'll Fly First Class
4. Geocaching 11. Epilogue
5. Historical and Contemporary 12. Acknowledgements
6. Whittier Barge Ops  

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the places and moments that take our breath away.

Please be advised that all Alaska Railroad yards, sidings, section houses, tunnels, access roads, etc. are posted no trespassing and that entering them without permission is a violation of law. It can also be very dangerous. All my photos taken on the property were done while under escort with a qualified ARRC employee and while wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

What others are saying about John's Alaska Railroad 2010 Journal:

"I just finished reading your journal about your latest trip to Alaska and I certainly enjoyed it. You write very well. I've never been to Alaska but you have certainly put it on my "to do" list. You have one of the best railroad web sites in the Internet. Keep up the good work!" C. K., Sonora, CA

"Hey John, just got done reading your trip journal, always amazed at the stuff you get to do. I think you get more privileges than most ARR employees! I loved it, great pictures and videos as always. But you are a better man then me to put up with the airlines like you do." M.F., Spokane Valley, Washington

"Finally finished your journal ... Excellent job ... Having lived up there for 28 year in the Anchorage area, I read with envy of some of the places I never got to see. All the rail fanning you did brought back warm memories of my adventures on the ARR. You did make me extremely jealous though. I never got a tour of the Totem ship. " W.W., Yuma, CA

"Thanks for the 2010 journal. It brings back a lot of memories of my four years living in Wasilla and Eagle River and waiting at the crossing on Elmendorf for the northbound morning passenger train, or the southbound coal. I miss the RDC's to Seward and riding up front with the engineer, the views and wildlife were out of this would. I miss the pre 9/11 days when I would drive down to the Anchorage shops and yard and just wander around." T.K., Springboro, OH

"Great journal as always. I've read them all. I also love your web site. It always makes me long to return to that beautiful and enchanting state. I am always envious of you for being able to do all that you do with the Alaska Railroad. I on the other hand must settle for my basement layout!!! LOL Oh well….Thanks again for your tremendous work. Please continue." K.E., Boyertown, PA

"I took great pleasure in reading your 2010 journal (all the way to the end). You gave me some great ideas for my trip (3rd) in May. The GPS co-ordinates will be very useful!" T.D.

"I should be out looking for a job, but I just spent the last three hours reading your trip journal. If you go again in 2011, let me know! I’d love to join you!" R.T., Monroe, WA

"As I prepare to leave on my first ever trip to Alaska in the winter I took the time to read your 2010 trip report. Fantastic as usual. I love your insight into all things Alaska. I wish I was as good at note taking as you are. In any event I enjoyed your report and hope to have one myself before too long. Thanks again for a great report and the fabulous website that is Alaska Rails. Good work." F.K., Colorado Springs, CO

"Alaska has certainly changed since I was stationed there on 1958-1959, such as Ft Richardson and Elmendorf AFB were two separate installations both key military bases each serving a purpose. If the military moved you into or out of Alaska you spent some time at the MATS terminal at Elmendorf, Course that was at height of Cold War and Russia was not far away. Thanks again. I enjoyed your video's, Keep them coming." B K., Dalton, GA

"I have looked at your pictures several times and they are just great and brought back many memories. I lived in Anchorage from December 1980 until August 1984. I also took a few railroad pictures during that time, but they cannot compare to yours. The Portage area was one area that I visited quite often and took the train to Whittier several times. Thank You so much for sharing your trip." K.B., Bellevue, Washington


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