A grand and glorious trip like this can only happen when there is a an arsenal of helpful and dedicated people. I want to say thanks to Curt Rudd, Pat Durand, Ian Frazier, Patrick Kilgore, Jim Somerville and Tim Woodward for making my trip extra special.

A special thanks goes to Dave Blazejewski for not only providing me with a lot of unique opportunities, but for sharing my foamer enthusiasm. I am very fortunate to call him friend. Also, many thanks to his wife Deanna for letting Dave go out and play even on the eve of her deployment.

And a loving thank-you goes to my wife Terry for helping me get ready for the trip and proofreading my journal. It is important to point out that she never complains that I go on these trips, but instead encourages it. She is a very special lady indeed.

Although she will probably never read this, a very special thank-you goes to the lady from Tennessee who helped me snag my luggage at the Anchorage airport. It always amazes me when strangers go out of their way to help others.

My biggest thanks goes to Don Prince who opened up his home one final time. He certainly was a prince among men.

And thanks to all those railfans who have given me kind words of support over the years!

John Combs