Congratulations for reading my journal all the way to the end! Believe it or not, I spent over 60 hours putting together this journal. So, how about doing me a favor in return? Just drop me an e-note at john@alaskarails.org and let me know you read it all the way through. I'd sure appreciate it! Also, please feel free to send all comments, criticisms, corrections, suggestions and additions to me. I will add a few of the remarks to the index page of this trip journal as well.

And as a special bonus for having read it all, I have the raw uncut footage from five of the videos I took. The file sizes are huge (up to 140MB), but the video will play in 1280 x 720 format! This is just my way of saying thanks to you, the loyal railfan, who stuck with me to the end. Videos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

I brought home a lot of photos, negatives, video, recorded audio, stories, historical information, charts and other items.  It will be months before I get it all online.  Heck, I haven't even gotten everything from the last trip online yet! LOL

Until next time, take care!


John Combs

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