0. Prologue 6. Chasing the Rip-Rap Train
1. Exciting to be back in Alaska again! 7. Bubble Wrap and Gorsuch
2. Freight and Friends 8. The Worst part of Sleeping is Waking Up
3. Wonderful World of Whittier 9. Epilogue
4. If its Cold it Must Be Fairbanks 10. Acknowledgements
5. Aurora Winter Train

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What others are saying about John's Alaska Railroad 2006 Journal:

"Very nice and informative journal" W. K., Whittier, AK

"Boy am I ever green with envy, sounds like an awesome trip...Great journal, fantastic trip!" R. T., Monroe, WA

"Just a note to say I made it all the way through the 2006 trip! I think the tape cleaning video incident is priceless. I have never seen an ARR locomotive in ballistic launch mode with a train in tow!" S.S., Anchorage, AK

"I wish I had the ARR connections that you have developed. You have done another great job documenting a trip that most railfans would love to have experienced." R.E., Long Beach, CA

"I have made it through 2004, 2005 and just now finished 2006. As time permits, 'note to self; read 2000 and 2002 journal.' Great job. I really enjoy reading it and looking at your pictures and watching the videos." K. E., Boyertown, PA