Wednesday, November 8, 2006

We finally got on the plane at 12:30 am. and took off a half hour later. I am happy to report the flight was relatively painless since we slept the almost the entire way. I awoke only once and that was to receive the identical nasty snack we had twice on the flight to Alaska.

We hit the ground running in Salt Lake City since we only had 20 minutes to catch the next flight. We boarded the plane totally exhausted and quickly became unconscious. I awoke only once to again receive the same nasty snack. Note to self: next time bring your own meals.

Our layover in Boston was just an hour. We basically boarded the plane as soon as we got to the gate.

Terry's parents and our daughter Laura picked us up at the airport. It was startling to get emerge from the building in 60 degree temperatures after almost getting frostbite the night before while waiting for the shuttle bus. We returned home and were greeted by banners, smiles and excited dogs.

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