I must admit I stand in awe looking back on all the Alaska Railroad did for Terry and I on this trip. They worked very hard to accommodate our requests while still striking a strong balance with security. They always treated us with professionalism, courtesy and respect. They are a shining example of that historic slogan, "At Your Service." We will never forget their generosity and commitment. They deserve all the best in their future endeavors.

We would also like to thank the small arsenal of helpful and dedicated people who added to the experience. We want to say thanks to Art Chase, Jeff DeBroeck, Nicholas Deely, Mark and Carla Earnest (and Matthew too!), Robert Krol, Doug and Jan Reynolds, Ed Riveria, Curt Rudd, Stewart Sterling and Lisa West for making our trip extra special.

Special thanks goes to Wendy Lindskoog for opening all the doors for us. This trip could not have taken place if it were not for her commitment of time, talents and energy.

A million thanks goes to Dwight West who set aside his work and absolutely made our trip the event of a lifetime. He constantly went out of his way to lend assistance and make us feel at home. He is the greatest! We sure hope we can do this with you again in the future.

An Alaska-sized thank-you goes to Frank Dewey (locomotive engineer) and Don Prince (retired Alaska Railroad yardmaster). Frank opened his home to us as well as serving as taxi driver and cheerleader. Don opened up his condo to us, made meals and let us use his laundry, telephone and kitchen. However, the best thing they gave us was their friendship. We are honored to be able to call them "friends." They are a part of what makes the Alaska Railroad great.

And thanks to all those railfans who have given us kind words of support over the years!

John and Terry Combs