Winter Hurricane Turn

By Terry Douglas

It's been a while since I did any serious shooting of ARR subjects (have been busy with the house mostly). However I thought I should take theWinter Hurricane turn, as I had not done that before!

So last Thursday I took the day off, and presented myself at the Anchorage depot to take the train.

Winter has been kind of tardy starting this year. Very little snow thus far. October was absolutely spectacular, and early November seems to be following the same pattern. Thursday November 6 was no exception, and aside from being a little chilly (especially when hanging out in the vestibule of 209 with the window open), it was a stunning day.

In these conditions the clear star of the day will always be "The Mountain" (Denali, in Alaska or Mt McKinley in Ohio ;-) ).

The Mountain was visible all day, and I include a few shots in the attached. The trip itself was fairly quiet. I spotted RDC 701 sitting in Birchwood yard (you saw it on Facebook). I got a good look at the new Y to the Port McKenzie extension, at Houston. Quite a bit of work has been put in there!

The railroad seems to be trying to promote the winter trains a bit more, and they have an onboard manager, who does a bit of commentary. I do need to mention to someone that they should talk about the 557 Restoration Company as they pass through Wasilla (the Mechanical crew were out waving as we passed).

image image
Number 4317 at Talkeetna mountain looms Number 4326 on rear at Anchorage
image image
Bridge over Indian River mile 266.7 Leaving Hurricane Gulch Bridge
image image
Mountain over the Susitna River Near Canyon
Sunset over the Susitna River  


© 2014 Terry and Cynthia Douglas