The Train Guard

By Jim Hogue

I came to Seward with the 153rd Infantry in February 1942. I was there until November 1943.

Train guard was a perk.  We had very little to do except stay with the car we were assigned to until we reached its destination. My car went to Palmer. There it was signed for and I was free. I spent one night in Anchorage and took the train back to Seward.

The railroad probably saved my life one day.  My friend Scooter and I were drinking beer one Sunday afternoon. We took a command car, Scooter was in transportation.  We started up the highway and found a bull moose on the road. We decided to wear him down and rope him with the tire chains.  We chased him about thirty miles. The snow was about ten feet high, where the snow plow pushed it to keep the road clear.  We forgot, thank goodness, the railroad crossed about 35 miles north of Seward.  Our moose went up the tracks to get rid of us.


© 2001 Jim Hogue