Prologue 9. Moose, Dogs, Wal-Mike's & Gorsuch
1. Planes, Trains & Automobiles 10. Hood, Peewee, Chocolate and Cookout
2. Turnagain Arm & AML 11. Steam, Puppies & The Open House
3. Heading North to Talkeetna 12. Cruise Ship Tour & Turnagain Arm
4. Hurricane Turn 13. 26 Glacier Cruise
5. Hurricane Gulch Quadfecta & the road to Fairbanks 14. Port MacKenzie Rail & Locomotive #557
6. Now We Can Say We've Been to Barrow 15. Wildlife Conservation Center & Crow Creek Pass
7. Fairbanks Industries, Pioneer Park & Forget-Me-Knot Lodge Epilogue
8. South to Denali National Park Acknowledgements
Welcome to John and Terry's Alaska Railroad 2014 Trip Journal which chronicles the fifteen days we spent reveling in the Alaska Railroad and beyond.

Please be advised that all Alaska Railroad yards, sidings, section houses, tunnels, access roads, etc. are posted no trespassing and that entering them without permission is a violation of law. It can also be very dangerous. All my photos taken on the property were done while under escort with a qualified Alaska Railroad Corporation employee and while wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

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