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Our family loves to go on trips! Each year we go on dozens of small excursions and at least one biggie. Only college, child birth and cancer have stopped us so far. Below is a list of all our big treks. Most links are just itinerary listings, but the ones marked with asterisks have short journals and pictures. Enjoy!

Trip Location
Trip Dates
Florida Keys (Honeymoon)  6/28-7/6, 1980 John & Terry
Western trip #1: Grand Canyon June 1984 John, Terry & Art Goss
Western trip: Rocky Mountains 6/15-30, 1985 John & Terry
Alaska * 6/15-29, 1986 John & Terry
Northern Trip Fall 1987 John & Terry
Western Trip #2: Grand Canyon 9/16-10/2, 1988 John, Terry, Laura; Doug & Jan Reynolds
Southern Trip 6/9-15, 1991 John, Terry, Laura & Annie
Indiana  6/5-8, 1992 John, Terry, Laura & Annie
New England Trip  8/9-21, 1993 John, Terry, Laura, Annie & John
Bahamas Cruise 2/11-14, 1994 John, Terry, Laura & Annie; Combs', Eppley's
Hawaii 11/18-12/4, 1994 John, Terry; Doug & Jan Reynolds
Michigan 7/29-8/4, 1995 John, Terry, Laura, Annie & John
DisneyWorld 10/1-16, 1996 John, Terry, Laura, Annie, John; Doug & Jan Reynolds
Minnesota 1997 Terry, Laura, Annie; Jan Reynolds, Barbara Cooper, 
Carrie Reynolds, Diane Dille
New York and Vermont

David Letterman/Elisabeth Von Trapp *

October 1997 John & Terry
Haiti Mission trip * 4/2-12, 1998 John & Terry
Rocky Mountains 1998  7/5-17, 1998 John, Terry, Laura, Annie & John
Europe 1999 John, Terry; Jan & Doug Reynolds
Alaska * 6/10-24, 2000 John, Terry, Laura, Annie & John, BSA Troop 325
Pacific Northwest * 7/7-8/11, 2001 John, Terry, Laura, Annie & John
Tijuana Christian Mission * 6/16-22, 2002 John, Terry, Laura, Annie & John
West Virginia and Virginia 6/24-7/3, 2003 John, Terry, Laura, Annie & John, BSA Troop 325
London/Paris * 5/31-6/11, 2004 John, Terry, Laura, Annie & John
Rocky Mountaineer,Vancouver to Banff 6/16-24, 2005 John, Terry (25th anniversary)
Florida, Universal, beaches, Keys 6/2-14, 2006 John, Terry, Laura, Annie & John
Philmont Scout Ranch, New Mexico 6/11-24, 2007 John, Terry & John
Houseboat on Lake Cumberland, KY * 7/29-8/2, 2007 John, Terry, Laura, Anne, John, Mike, Karen, Sean
A Christmas Story House 12/1-2, 2007 John, Terry, Anne, John, Doug, Matt
New York City/Sandy Hook 3/30-4/4/08 John, Terry, Anne, John
Milford, OH to Ripley, NY cycling trip 6/14-28/08 John, Terry & John, BSA Troop 325
Alaska 7/5-20/08 John and Terry
Germany, Czech Republic and
(Facebook photos)
7/25-8/8/09 John, Terry, Anne, John
Alaska (Facebook photos) 11/12-17/09 John and Terry
Red River Gorge (Facebook photos) 6/27-7/2/10 John, Terry, Laura, Anne, John, Mike, Justin
Boy Scout National Jamboree (Facebook photos) 7/25-8/4/10 John and Terry
Put-in-Bay (FB) 7/11 John, Terry and Max
Windsor, Canada and Belle Island, Michigan (FB) 8/11 John, Terry and Max
Ohio River (Portsmouth to Cincinnati) (FB) 10/11 John, Terry and Max
Outer Banks, NC and Shenandoah N.P. (FB) 3/24-30/12 John and Terry
Ohio to Kansas to Texas (photos on Facebook) 6/2-15/12 John, Terry and Max
Smoky Mountain NP (photos on Facebook) 7/22-28/12 John, Terry, Laura, Anne, John
Alaska (photos on Facebook) 8/12-23/12 John
Cancer None  
Alaska (Facebook photos) 6/10-24/14 John and Terry
Route 66 from Chicago to L.A. (Facebook photos) 7/4-26/14 John and Terry
North and South Carolina (Facebook photos) 8/2-9/14 John and Terry, Laura, Greg, John and Erika
Sweet Home Alabama (Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama,
Florida - South Walton Beach) (Facebook photos)
3/29-4/4/15 John and Terry
Washington/Oregon (photos on Facebook) 7/1-15/15 John and Terry
Kentucky River vacation home (photos on Facebook) 7/23-26/15 John and Terry, Laura, Greg, Anne, Nick, John and Erika
Virgin Islands (St. Thomas and St. Johns) 1/1-7/16 John and Terry
Florida (Fort Myers, Clearwater, Indialantic) 4/2-8/16 John and Terry
Washington D.C. 7/1-8/16 John and Terry
Alaska inside passage cruise 5/26-6/7/2017 John and Terry
Ten state marathon: Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. 6/22-26/17 John and Terry


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