Thursday, July 17, 2008

Today was a spectacular day for ducks. It poured the rain all day long. This in turn put Terry, Don and I in a lazy mood. We spent the morning eating cake, swapping stories and playing the online slot machines. Terry also worked some more on the Don Prince story.

At lunchtime we drove to Wasilla and had dinner with Pat and Nancy Durand. Terry had heard a lot about Pat and had always wanted to meet him. We also picked up a few geocaches in the area. We would have done a lot more, but geocaching in the rain is a lot like trying to open a packet of ketchup with a hammer. It can get pretty messy. I called Jack Klingbeil to see if we could get to see his 1.5 scale SD70MACs, but he said everything was all closed up due to the rain. This crazy weather was really starting to rain on my parade.

Once we got back to Don's, we did laundry and I helped Terry packed for her trip home. We spent the rest of the evening chatting with Don, playing Cribbage and the online slots. Sadly, I dropped Terry off at the airport around 10:00 PM.

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