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Welcome to the Alaska Railroad Picture of the Week archives. A photograph is truly worth a thousand words. The Picture of the Week page began on February 16, 1998 with Jeff Child's photo of the Alaska Railroad's first locomotive, number 1. Since that time, professional photographers, railfans, Alaska Railroad employees, historians and passengers have sent a multitude of prints, slides, scanned images and digital photographs. Unfortunately, I can only post a fraction of what I receive due to lack of time. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

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2018 Pictures of the Week
01/01 Robert Krol December 28th was the grand opening of Brew@602 in Soldotna. The former Alaska Railroad double-decker gallery car was converted into a coffee/waffle house. The rail car is attached to a replica of a depot which will house an art gallery and gift shop. Finally, the passenger car Addie Camp, formerly owned by the Black Hills Central Railroad will serve Alaskan beers and premium wines as well as food such as tapas. Owner Mary Krull has dubbed the entire development “Whistle Hill.” (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
01/08 Casey Durand Midwest Railcar Corporation insulated boxcar (MWCX) visiting the Anchorage yard from the land of graffiti. These scribblings have existed since ancient times with examples dating back to the Roman Empire. The graffiti on this boxcar is the writer's tag which is his or her personalized signature.
01/15 Frank Keller SD70MAC 4009 heads up 130N near Beach Lake Road on a beautiful sunlit evening. Part of the freight consisted of military equipment bound for Fort Wainwright. 5/13/17


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