Harold "Gene" Adoline
7714th Transportation Battalion

"Since I am now in my 70th year, I thought that I might start to make available to others, some of the pictures of Alaska - circa 1954 - that I and my deceased friend had taken there while we were enlisted in the Army at Ft. Richardson. Our time was spent on the Army railroad 7714th transportation battalion and we both had experience in class 1 Railroads - My friend was a ground man with the Southern Pacific out of Sparks, Nevada and mine was an engineer with the Toledo Terminal Railroad of Toledo, Ohio - and fireman on New York Central Airline Div/Toledo west where I had the pleasure of firing one of the 6000 series 4-8-4 Niagara." CPL. Harold "Gene" Adoline 2/13/02


  • Old passenger car sitting on the rip track at the passenger station yards
  • Gas electric railcar #215 at Birchwood yards
  • Old Alaskan Mikado steamer, Doker (standard) #703
  • Number 1300 was the only Baldwin diesel that I could find on the Alaska Railroad
  • USAR S-2 ALCO, pulling Troop Train out of Elmendorf Air Force Base
  • Number 7107 is loading up a troop train outbound at 'O' Street, Elmendorf
  • Number 7109 idling at the Ft Richardson Yard
  • USAR SN-1 snowplow
  • 1500 Main barracks, Whittier



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