Seward Dock
(Commentary by Robert Krol)

Coal #1

"Here's a picture hot out of the camera.  It was taken last night (6/29/99) from the top of the Crown Princess.  Here's the Great Bless taking on a load of Alaska coal.  This ship will be docked in Seward for about 4 or 5 days and load coal."

Coal #2

"Here's a shot of how the coal gets loaded on the conveyor and taken away to the ship.  There's actually two piles of coal in the picture.  The train comes in and dumps on a conveyor and it taken away and discharges from this machine and make two piles.  But in this picture the machine is picking up the coal and putting it on the conveyor and sending it to the ship."

Coal #3

"Here's another shot, but in this picture you can see a white mist in the middle of the picture.  It is water being sprayed on the coal pile so it doesn't start to burn.  There are times I've seen the coal smoking and D-9 or D-10 Cat Dozier on top of the pile racking it over.  I guess the coal ignites itself sitting in that pile."


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