December 22, 1949

Col. J. P. Johnson
General Manager


Authority is requested to retire the following coaches from passenger service account defects as noted: #20, #21, #22, #23 and #24. These coaches are over 40 years old and not suitable for further passenger service. The heating equipment in these cars will have to be completely renewed and interior of cars completely refinished. Exterior of cars requires extensive repairs and repainting. Trucks also require extensive repairs if continued in passenger service. With the addition of our 19 new converted hospital cars we believe these 5 coaches are surplus to passenger traffic requirements and cost to maintain in this class of service not justified. It is suggested these cars be converted to outfit cars.

Please advise.

G.A. Benedict
Supt. of Motive
Power & Equipment


Anchorage, Alaska
December 27, 1949


To: G. A. Benedict, Supt. of Motive Power and Equipment

From: J. P. Johnson, General Manager

Subject: Retirement of Passenger Coaches No's 20, 21, 22, 23 and 24

Reference is made to your memorandum of December 22, requesting authority to retire the above enumerated passenger coaches. Before any definite decision is made on your suggestion that these five coaches, which you state are surplus to passenger traffic requirements, be converted to outfit cars, it is my desire to make personal inspection.

Consequently your request will be held in abeyance until this inspection is made

J. P. Johnson
General Manager

cc: J. E. Manley