55X Refurbishment Effort

Here are a few pics of the 55X series (former Florida Fun Train coaches 551, 552, 553, 554) as they are being stripped. They will be getting new laminate on all the walls, new carpet, tables, seats, rope light, and overhead lighting . They will look pretty nice when they are done. Of course the big worry is, will they be done in time. It appears that the supplier of the seats had some of their facilities down on the gulf coast and the hurricanes did them some serious damage. They claim they will still be able to get us the seats, but it has generated some concern. They contractor doing the work, is the same ones who did the remodel on the former "50's diner" now the "Club Car". If the "powers that be" can get them the materials in a timely manner, I think these guys will do a good job for us! Any questions, or requests, just ask!!

Seats and tables out Old tables Stripping the walls  
Carpet gone Center bar Bathroom  



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