John's Hall of Fame

Creating these Alaska Railroad pages has taken me a great deal of time and effort. However, if it weren't for the help of dozens of individuals, this site would merely be the hair on a pimple on the butt of a flea on a big dog. To this end, I have chosen to recognize those individuals who have made a major contribution to this site. These individuals have provided me with incredible amounts of photographs, modeling information, historic data and/or news items. They indeed are the wind in my sails.  That is why I call this web site www.alaskarails.ORG.  It is actually an organization of people who have come together to share the Alaska Railroad with you.


Albert Bailey Robert Krol
Nelson Bailey Rick Leggett
Jim Blasingame Matt Leistico
Dave Blazejewski Don Marenzi
Art Chase Matt McCullor
Jeff Childs Michael McGowen
Josh Coran Blake Moore
Jeff Debroeck Jody Moore
Frank Dewey Dean Motis
Casey Durand Steve Noland
Pat Durand Carolyn and Michael Nore
Shane Durand Don Prince
Mark Earnest Tony Roof
Harold Emerick Curt Rudd
Jonathan Fischer Stewart SterAJim Somervilleling
Curt Fortenberry Sherman stebbins
Robert Garner Stewart Sterling
Dale Greth John Taubeneck
John Henderson Andy Tejral
Axel Hessler Dave Tempest
Rich Holzapfel Randy Thompson
Jack Klingbeil Richard Wise
Jack Klingbeil  


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