Fixed Signals

All signs are black and white unless otherwise noted

Advance yard limit Yard limit Begin measured mile End measured mile
Advance Yard Limit
Yard Limit
Begin Measured Mile
End Measured Mile
Indicates will enter yard
limit territory 1 mile ahead.
Indicates beginning of yard
limits.  When displayed on
left-hand side of track, it
indicates leaving yard
Placed 1 mile apart at
designated locations along
main track to check
accuracy of speed indicator
Placed 1 mile apart at
designated locations along
main track to check
accuracy of speed indicator
Flanger Advance warning speed control Speed control Resume speed
Advance Warning 
Speed Control
Speed Control
Resume Speed
Indicates 100 feet beyond
is a guard rail, road cross-
ing, switch, frog, etc., that
will not clear flangers and
snow plows.
Placed 1/2 mile in advance
of a permanent speed
restriction.  Train or engine
must be so controlled as to
not exceed speed specified
1/2 mile beyond.
Indicates beginning of a
permanent speed restrict-
ion.  Train or engine must
not exceed speed specified
once front of train or 
engine has passed this sign
Indicates end of a perman-
ent speed restriction.
Speed must not be increas-
ed until entire train has
passed this green signal.
Advance warning slide zone Slide zone front Slide zone back Station warning
Advance Warning 
Slide Zone
Slide Zone - Front
Slide Zone - Back
Station Warning
Placed 1/2 mile in advance
of slide zone.
Indicates beginning of a slide
zone.  Speed of train must
be controlled as per Time-
table Speed Instructions.
Displayed on left-hand side
of track to indicate end of
slide zone.
Placed 1 mile in advance of
first switch of a station or
1 mile in advance of station
sign if no siding.  Sound
one long engine whistle
signal while passing this
Roasd crossing warning Bridge and tunnel warning Mile post Bridge
Road Crossing 
Bridge and Tunnel 
Mile Post
Placed 1/4 mile in advance
of road crossings.  Sound
engine whistle as directed
by Rule 5.8.2(11).  Sound
engine bell as directed by
Rule 5.8.1.
Placed approximately 1/4
mile in advance of bridges
and tunnels.  Sound engine
whistle as directed by Rule
Self explanatory Self explanatory
Tunnel approach Station Derail switch stand Derail post
Tunnel Approach
Derail (Switch Stand)
Derail (Post)
Self explanatory Self explanatory Attached to derail.  When
sign is facing movement,
derail is in derailing posi-
tion and must be changed 
to the off position to permit
Displayed where short
stand derail is located.
Restricted clearnace Restricted clearance post End of track End speed control
Restricted Clearance
Restricted Clearance
End of Track
Speed Control
Placed in advance of
condition which will not
clear employee on top or
side of a car.
Placed at the point where
clearance is restricted.
(Yellowing lettering on
green background)
Indicates the end of the 
speed restriction shown on
the preceding speed control
sign and the beginning of
the speed restriction as
shown.  Speed of train or
engine must not be increas-
ed to the speed shown on
this green speed control 
sign until last car of train
or engine has passed this
Block end Temporary speed restriction Malfunctioning
End Block
Temporary Speed
Restriction Within
Yard Limits
Automatic Crossing
Warning Signal
Indicates the end of a 
signal block.
(Yellow signal with green
A yellow signal with green
numerals displayed on the
right-hand side of the track
as viewed from an approach-
ing engine indicates the
beginning of a temporary
speed restriction.  Do not
exceed speed specified until
rear car has passed a green
signal displayed on the right-
hand side of the track.
(White signal with red stripes)
When viewed at a signalized crossing on the right side of
the track, as viewed from an approaching engine, this 
signal indicates the automatic crossing warning signals 
may not operate properly.  Movement over the crossing
must be protected as prescribed by Special Instructions
whenever this signal is displayed.  When this signal is
displayed on the left side of the track, as viewed from 
an approaching engineer, it indicates the end of the
restriction.  Any crossings between these signals must 
be protected as prescribed by Special Instructions. 
This signal will only be displayed where Rules 6.27 
and 6.28 apply.


Block Signals

Distant Signals
Block #1 Proceed.
I train or engine is displayed between Distant Signal Clear and interlocking signal, it must proceed prepared to stop short of next signal.
Block #2 Proceed prepared to stop before any part of train passes the next signal.

Block and Interlocking Signals
Clear Block #3 Proceed.
Stop Block #4 Stop before any part of train passes the signal.