A grand and glorious trip like this can only happen when there is a an arsenal of helpful and dedicated people. I want to say thanks to Jeff and Leann DeBroeck, Jason Dennis, Pat Durand, Bill Evans, Jack Klingbeil, Robert Krol, Matt Leistico, Curt Rudd and Jim Somerville for making my trip extra special. Also, many thanks to a handful of anonymous people who assisted me in a variety of untold ways.

A boxcar full of thanks goes to Casey Durand for making arrangements for my Wilderness Express trip, shop and yard tours, transportation, night photography, geocaching and just being an awesome friend.

A special thanks goes to Dave Blazejewski and Frank Keller for not only providing me with a lot of unique opportunities, but for sharing my foamer enthusiasm. I am very fortunate to call them friends.

And a loving thank-you goes to my wife Terry for helping me get ready for the trip and proofreading my journal. It is important to point out that she never complains that I go on these trips, but instead encourages it. She is a very special lady indeed.

And thanks to all those railfans who have given me kind words of support over the years!

John Combs