MRS-1 Specifications

Loco 1718

Built by EMD
Date built 1952
Purchased from ??
Placed in service 1978
Wheels 40"
Journals 6 1/2" x 12"
Max RPM 800
Idling RPM 225
Cylinders 16
Bore 8 1/2"
Stroke 10"
Wt. on drivers 240,000
Air brakes 6 BL
Air compressor WXO HTC
Gear ratio 60:17
Max speed 65 MPH
Max curve 21 degrees
Lube oil 200 gal
Fuel ?? gal
Cooling water 210 gal
Sand 18 cu ft
Max width 9'- 8"
Max height 13'-6"
Max length 59'-2"
Engine 567 B
Horsepower 1600



1718 survives on Clear AFB, an over the horizon site. It is used to move cuts of coal hoppers to the base power plant from the ARR mainline. The 1600 and 1700 series were originally built for the military to use in Europe during and after WW II. Their low height allowed them to get through the small tunnels in Europe and the mid-east and wheels could be changed to allow for different track widths.

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