GP-49 Specifications

Locos 2801-2804

Built by EMD
Dates built 1983
Purchased from EMD
Placed in service 1983
Wheels 40"
Journals 6 1/2" x 12"
Max RPM 954
Idling RPM 315(high) 200(low)
Cylinders 12
Bore 9 1/16"
Stroke 10"
Wt. on drivers 267,000
Air brakes 26 BL
Air compressor WBO
Gear ratio 70:17
Max speed 70 MPH
Max curve 19 degrees
Lube oil 304 gal
Fuel 2500 gal
Cooling water 276 gal
Sand 40 cu ft
Max width 10'-4"
Max height 15'-6"
Max length 59'-2"
Engine 12-645-F3B
Horsepower 2800


The 2800s are the only true GP49s in the country. They are not well liked due to their SLOW acceleration and so remain in service only on the unit coal train. Occasionally one will escape for use on freights or the unit tank train.

Many thanks to Jeff Childs for providing this information



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