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Some time on June 10th the Wilderness Rail Tours group will be going by the Museum of Alaska Transportation and Industry. They were originally scheduled for a stop on the main line between 11 AM and noon. That however has already been changed to a maybe. They will contact me, Pat Durand by cell phone when they know they are moving in our direction. With all the traffic on that section of the railroad most anything can happen to the schedule. They are to depart Anchorage at 6:30 AM. I plan to make myself available at trackside for a quick walking tour of the rail exhibits if the opportunity presents. The following is a brief report on their first day activity and general schedule subject to the dispatchers will.

Coming to a track near you in the Alaska Rail belt! Watch for the Wilderness Rail Tours group on the Alaska Railroad between June 7 and 17th. The first ever Motor Car, Speeder, Hooter, Gas Car, Section Car (what ever you want to call em) private tour to operate over the entire Alaska Railroad system is underway. The 12 motor cars plus an Alaska Railroad hy-rail rig in front and rear left Anchorage about 900 :AM on Monday bound for Seward where they arrived about 6:00 PM. The photo shows the entire group on the siding at Potter while meeting a North Bound cruise train and allowing the South Bound Glacier Express to pass them.

The unofficial schedule has them back on the rails North out of Seward to Whittier and then Anchorage on June 9.

North from Anchorage to Talkeetna on June 10 with a stop at the Museum of Alaska Transportation and Industry.

From Talkeetna to Denali on June 11th for a two day stop and then on to Fairbanks.

They will be arriving back in Anchorage on the 17th. Alaska Railroader, Steve Love, is one of pilot crew, so we know they are getting the real story and a safe trip.

Nancy and I just happened to be along for part of the ride today. Best of railroading to you. Pat Durand



Dale Greth's photos from the 2008 excursion

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