Alaska Railroad Screensavers

Do you want to show your Alaska Railroad spirit on your PC?  Well Gunter Schwindt has graciously provided us with an Alaska Railroad screensaver!  This program uses the runtime-version of Matchware Mediator Viewer and also includes an uninstall program.  Cool!

1. An IBM compatible PC (sorry Macintosh folks!)
2. A 1024 x 768 or 800 x 600 display
3. 500MHz or faster
4. A love for the Alaska Railroad

Installation instructions:
1. Uncompress the Zip file
2. Run the install.exe program (enjoy the German dialog boxes!)
3. Enjoy!

I am a Macintosh user, but I got it to work on my computer using Virtual PC.  It looks great!

1. 800 x 600 version (shorter trains)
2. 1024 x 768 version (longer trains)

Alaska Railrod Screensaver

Here is a sample of the screensaver

If you like his screen saver, please send him a word of thanks at  Also, please visit his website at for more Alaska Railroad goodies.


Created 2/23/02 and last updated 6/6/05
© 2002 Gunter Schwindt