Tanana River

Tanana River

The Tanana River is formed by the confluence of the Nabesna and Chisana Rivers near Northway. It then flows 440 miles westward to the Yukon River and then into the Bering Sea.  It crosses the Parks Hwy. at Mile 305.1, where the Nenana River joins it at the town of Nenana. Tugs and barges based in Nenana carry cargo and freight to the Yukon region in the summer months after the ice breakup.  There are fish wheels north of the bridge that can be seen in action during salmon runs.

Ice breakup on the Tanana River

Dog Sled Mail
 A 1916 photo showing arrival of mail by dog sled.  Last trip winter service - Tanana, Alaska


Bridge 1923
Tanana River Bridge at Nenana, 1923


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