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In the early 1900's, Matanuska was a thriving town and an important junction for the Alaska Railroad.  A 38 mile branch line ran to the Matanuska coal mines which provided fuel for the locomotives.  The coal deposits were later developed for the Navy, but was abandon when they switched from coal to oil to fuel their ships.  Today, Matanuska is nothing more than a milepost and a junction to the city of Palmer.

It also has a 1,917 foot (38 car) siding.


Matanuska circa 1916
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Other photographs:

Seward, Alaska, May 15, 1935 - colonists entrain for promised land - First group of 67 midwest farm families government is transplanting to Matanuska Valley, Alaska,
entrain at Seward for first glimpse of their future home. These Minnesotans awaiting arrival of Michigan and Wisconsin families before farmlands are allotted.



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