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Indian is an unincorporated community along the Turnagain Arm, the body of water that branches off from Cook Inlet to form the Kenai Peninsula. Indian is on the Seward Hwy at Mile 103.5, about 24 miles from Anchorage.  Home of local craftsmen and artisans, Indian offers a panoramic view of Turnagain Arm and the Kenai and Chugach mountains.

The area is famous for the bore tides that rush into the Turnagain Arm. Indian is a rugged area adjacent to the Chugach State Park. The road parallels the Alaska Railroad between Portage and Anchorage. Indian Creek flows through Indian Valley into the sea.

The creeks are heavily fished for pink and silver salmon. There are avalanche gates and gun emplacements along the road here. The area is also popular for berry picking and bird watching.

This location is one of the Alaska Railroad's most highly used sidings south of Anchorage as it will hold 90 cars, thus having room for almost every type of train.


Added 9/4/10: "The Indian House Roadhouse (Indian, AK) is built in front and around the old Indian Section House. My parents ran the Roadhouse in the mid-80s - they had a restaurant, gift shop, motel and bar - but no gas pumps. They would sleep in the old upstairs bedroom of the section house.

"Google maps and Earth don't have very high resolution. However, you can see the old roof line of the section house at right angles to the dining room added in front of the old section house if you follow the attached link. As I recall, the back exterior north wall of the restaurant is pretty much the old section house. The kitchen is in the old downstairs of the section house as well as the bathrooms - been awhile so I may be mistaken. I will ask my dad to make me a sketch layout of the place." - Bob Brooks



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