M.P. 371.2


Current Population: 33 (2010 census)
Incorporation Type: Unincorporated
Borough Located In: Denali Borough
Taxes: Sales: None; Property: None; 7% Accommodations Tax (Borough); Severance Tax $.05/Yard (Borough)

Ferry lies on the Nenana River, 39 miles south of Nenana in the Denali Borough.  The area encompasses 87 sq. miles of land.  Interior Alaska experiences seasonal temperature extremes. January temperatures range from -22 to -2; July temperatures range from 50 to 72. Average annual precipitation is 11.3  inches. Ice fog is common during the winter. 

Due to limited accessibility to Ferry, there is no employment directly in the community. Many residents work in the Fairbanks area.  However, almost 40% of residents are unemployed.  From the George Parks Highway, road access is available only on privately owned railroad or University land. Most residents park their cars on a private lot and walk into Ferry.

Cars Bridge town
Ferry residents park their cars 
in a private lot...
and walk or take an ATV
across the bridge...
to get to their home. When the river freezes 
in the winter, residents will drive across.

About 75% of households haul water and use outhouses or leach fields. The remainder have individual water wells and septic tanks. 30% of homes are plumbed.     Homes are heated by coal (45.8%), wood (41.7%) or LP gas (12.5%).

Prospector The name was originally published as a railroad station in 1922. The railroad work camp at Ferry brought settlers.  A route across the Nenana River accesses the historic Bonnifield gold fields to the east, active from 1925-1942.  Prospectors came from all over to try their luck at finding the elusive shiny metal. ferry


Aerial view of Ferry Bridge
Aerial view of Nenana River and bridge at Ferry


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