Seward pier

The Seward Freight Dock has been used for all sorts of things in years past from inbound pipe and military to outbound poles and timber. Currently the only active business using the dock is Samson tug and barge which uses it for their container and general barge business. They don't ship by rail, they just use the berthing and pay wharfage and also lease space in the port area.

Northland Services now comes into Seward bi-weekly during the months of December through March when Cook Inlet is iced up and they can't bring their direct barges into Anchorage.

SBS also brings in two to four barges per year when they can't get into Anchorage.

Both of the above use rail to move their traffic to Anchorage.

On occasion other ships may berth their for which the ARR will be paid. For example, this summer a big USCG Ice Breaker tied up there