Here's an image, taken by me, of the 1801, in the late summer of 1982.

The 1801 was serving as the 'trailing' unit of work Extra 3001 south. It was tied up on a yard track in the Portage yard when I took this picture.

In 1982 the Alaska Railroad followed the operating practice of having the train number displayed in the number boards of the locomotive. That's why ARR 1802 has X3001 in the number boards, as originally this train was dispatched as Extra 3001 (the other unit in the photograph).

By 1983 all ARR locomotives had the locomotive number in the number board of the locomotive and no longer displayed the train number in the number board of the locomotive. I don't know the exact date of the change in operating practice.

This picture was taken after my trip that summer to visit the other railroad in Alaska.

I know this because I purchased my tripod at the end of that trip from Tom Schultz, a tripod that I use to this day. I would have had to have used this tripod for this photograph to have captured the depth of field that I did on such an otherwise gloomy day with Kodachrome 25.

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Fischer