After a long day of driving from Anchorage to Talkeetna, riding the Hurricane Turn (including taking the pictures for my recent article) and then having to drive to Healy that night, I stopped for a bit at Hurricane.
It was 8:45PM, and while still daylight there was not a creature stirring, not even a moose. It was long past bedtime for the railroad employees camped out in the parking lot.
Camping at work at Hurricane, it doesn't get that much better...unless, of course, you can omit the work part.
Here we see the employee campground, the Quonset tent siding with various MOW equipment, and the Hurricane MOW track. Also seen are a caboose and several MOW freight cars. We'll get to know them better soon.
I still had to drive that night to Healy, another couple hours.

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Fischer