Denali Star

A stunning photo of the Denali Star crossing a silt-laden river. Can anyone identify the river and/or location? The photo was taken through the open window of Jim's J-3 Cub at about 1,000 feet - airspeed about 50 mph. And for you photography buffs, he used a Sony DSC-F828, ISO 400, 1/1600, F4.0. 7/19/06

ARR historian Pat Durand adds, "That is the Knik River on a high tide and late runoff stage. It is a good shot showing the relocated bridge spans and the new final section. All of those new steel and concrete pile and caps were done over the past three winters by the ARR B&B crews. They placed the new supports 20 feet from the old ones and then between train movements one at a time slid the old bridge sections onto the new supports. A 20 ft temporary section was cut from the first span removed and inserted between old sections and the newly placed sections. When they got to the end they installed a new span that you can see is 20ft longer than the old one. Nice job done in house under very difficult winter conditions."

Photo courtesy of Jim Somerville