It was back and forth between sun and clouds and I was unlucky by a minute or so either way on this shot in terms of not having full sun.
It's easy to get to. Take the Triple Lakes Trail south from the visitors center. You go down a hill and cross two fairly modern and interesting pedestrian bridges over Riley Creek.
After you cross the second bridge take a left and follow the steam until you find a place you like. There is a bit of a trail to follow in places. It's level and open terrain.
To get to where I took this picture probably took me about 20 minutes to get to from the visitors center. You can walk to here before the train leaves if you get started right away.  Unfortunately its up hill back from Riley Creek to the visitors venter, so give yourself an extra 10 minutes for the return trip.
There are other hikers in the area and they are unarmed, so generally this seems like a reasonably safe area from a wildlife standpoint.  I've seen moose each time I've visited this spot but always from a safe distance.
This is the northbound Denali Star crossing Riley Creek at 3:38 PM on June 7, 2013.
This would be a great spot for an afternoon coal train.

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Fischer