McKinley Park

"This Budd's for you! My records show the location as being MP 224 just south of Talkeetna. Tom Schultz pointed out this location to me back in 1982 and '’ve taken advantage of this location several times. I was as surprised as you were about the 'just married' sign. Someone else's wife must like trains too! As this location is so close to Talkeetna, I had not ridden the train that day and instead had hiked in and waited for the train, so I had no idea that the banner would be there. I did catch up with the train back in Anchorage and took several pictures of the banner, but my vague recollection is that the wedding couple had left before I got there. That's the Alaska Range in the background. Mt. Foraker is on the left, Mt. Hunter in the middle and Mt. McKinley is on the right. I spent that winter riding the Budds from Talkeetna to Hurricane (and return) identifying potential train picture locations with Mt. McKinley in the background. It was a productive time as I photographed several unique locations." February 1986

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Fischer