Well, over the past five years I've been going back to this spot.  However, I've always longed to get the view from the west side alas it was just not possible...until now.  Thanks to the miracle of drone technology and a very generous spouse who bought me a Phantom 4 at the start of the summer it finally became a reality.

On Monday the 19th of September 2016 the final Hurricane Turn of the season made it's trek north from Talkeetna to its namesake bridge to turn back for the last time until next May.  The fall colors were spectacular so I made the long trip from Anchorage, hiked in my secret trail a mile off the highway, and then sent the drone another 3,000 feet out and up over the bridge.  Here is just one of many of the shots it yielded.  I've been shooting trains in Alaska for nine years and this shot is truly a dream come true!  It just all came together this day.

Photo courtesy of Dave Blazejewski